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What is Netheru Platform 4.0?

Netheru Platform aims to destroy the centralization in the industry of Network Marketing
by replacing business functions with models’s presence based on smart algorithm.

Netheru Platform will change forever the Industry of Network Marketing

In previous decades, the holdings of Network Marketing generated billion-dollar of turnover. For this reason, they have lain down on the old economic cycle, and they stopped to envolve.
We are planning a digital ecosystem where the future Giants of this Industry will move. Indeed, first of all, we introduced, in the Network Marketing, many concepts such as: Blockchain, Machine Learning, IoT, and much more!.
We have gone beyond the same concept of “Network Marketing’s holding”, in fact several holdings of Network Marketing will be housed on Netheru Platform, and consumers will have available to a extensive Marketplace for own purchases.
What is Crypto?
How it works

Problems & Solutions

Network Marketing’s Industry is the one who got hurt the most of centralization’s burden.
Before Blockchain came out, it was impossibile to protect a Networker since voracity of Network Marketing’s holdings.


1. The movements of net: I don’t know how much you might like to imagine that your Network Martketing’s holding displaces your consumers’s net under another leader, so as to ensure his participation. Only those who suffered this indignity knows, for first-hand experience, how much a similar dishonest is a lot to take in.

2. Blockade of accounts: that Financial Latitude will remain only a advertising slogan if any holding may turn you off with a click by it’s own administrative back office, for any reason, right or wronf that it is. So, if you don’t have business’s control, in reality .. you don’t have a business!.

3. Change of Fee Plan: a lot of holdings, to be attractive, create Fee Plans too profitable and they are unsustainable in the longer term. In that way, been a while, this holdings , after reaching the aim to attract a lot of people, don’t mind to renegotiate initial conditions.

4. If the holding fails you LOSE EVERYTHING: Working for a only holding of Network Marketing, if that holding fails all the work you did breaks down overmight.



1. You become freeholder of your net: Blockchain allows to manage with transparency the Tree of Sponsorship and to ensure unalterable its archirecture.

2. Irreproachable accounts: The user truly becomes owner of his Personal ID, and he finally gets the control of his consumers’s net.

3. Conditions of unalterable Fee Plan: Thanks to the use of Smart Contracts, they assure to Networker the same conditions for which he accepted to begin the activity throughout his career.

4. Netheru seats a lot of holdings of Network Marketing: Netheru Platform is not a company of Network Marketing but it is a Layout, for which it links together a huge network of users to different companies. If a company of the circuit fails, your network stays safe in the Netheru’s Blockchain and it can continue to spend from other merchants.



“I wanted to give this whitepaper a slightly technical way for two reasons.
First reason: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies will have a future if only the technicians will make easy move through their world.
Second reason: my ambition was certainly not write one more Whitepaper that NOBODY would read.
If i will able to make myself understood, so well i will have reached my biggest purpose.”



Haven’t you ever showed interest on the algorithms that your bank’s software uses to maintain, send and receive money? In this pages, you don’t find written what you would never ask to your director of bank.

We started right over here: from “nothing new”. We saw in a negative light strive to reinvent the wheel and that’s mean pretending to reinvent. We confined ourselves to select whatever on the market has already shown to operate, we are committed to improve it, thanks to feedback of “street”.

Therefore, i would like bring the readers’s attention on only and real concept that really counts in a digital ecosystem based on the exchange of value: it’s ADOPTION.

Mobile App

Nether Pay

With the app for payments in Nether, your public key can be used
to recive or spend Nether Coin in a very simple way.

Android & iOS

Making payments in cryptocurrency, it’s never been easier!. NetherPay’s App is created to be simple and intuitive in order to be used also by users less high-tech.

  • Instant payments
  • Marketing of locally (IoT)
  • Social funcionality
AndroidAndroid iconAppleiOS icon
Guaranteed Skills

Certified by the Blockchain

Before Netheru Platform was born, any Networker could brag to have achieved who knows what goals. Skills don’t represent a reliable indicator of a person’s success in a long term, but it refers to a month in particular.

Finally you can prove your value on the marketplace as Networker, and Netheru’s Blockchain will guarantee the results of your performances impartially.

If only you have a real value as Networker, you will accept to put yourself out there on Netheru’s platform because its Blockchain will make clear the royaltys that you will recive in your Wallet every month. And you could not lie about your profits!

This is an exclusive opportunity for who wants to rise in this Industry and to prove to be the next Legend of global Network Marketing.

About Nether

Our Coin

To ensure the safety of Netheru’s users, it was implemented
a decentralised system based on Blockchain and Smart Contract.

Coin Image

Nether Coin

Netheru Platform, instead of many holdings intend look out to cryptocurrencis’s world for the first time,integrates a real virtual currency and not a simple Token ERC20.

This means that Nether compose a real Blockchain, whitout being covered by limits or rules imposed by other currencys. This is a starting ambition point, but it thinks about this project’s objectives.

Starting from the stability and versatility of Ethereum project, we built an optimized Blockchain to welcome a Network Marketing’s system, ensured by Smart Contract’s use.

Netheru’s Blockchain contains also Osiris Protocol, a set of algorithms of Machine Learning, that learn to establish Nether’s value in a decentralised way.



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